Franz Morat Group expands its managing team

Dr. Matthias Dannemann and Jörg Hansen join management / New record set for six-month revenue

EISENBACH, Germany. The Franz Morat Group, which consists of Framo Morat, F. Morat and seven locations in Germany and abroad, looks back on a successful first half of the year at its company meeting on July 20, 2017. Gökhan Balkis, Managing Director of the group, reports on another record period for revenue and the progress at the manufacturing plants in Poland and Mexico. Starting immediately, Dr. Matthias Dannemann and Jörg Hansen are taking on responsibility for production and production-related areas as Directors of Operations.

The next stage on the path to the 100-million-euro threshold, which the Franz Morat Group has announced as its revenue target, has been successfully completed. With six-month revenue at almost 45 million euros, the six-month record set in the previous year has been surpassed once again. The revenue for the Eisenbach drive specialist has risen steadily for seven years — total revenue has doubled in this period.

The revenue increase is first and foremost due to the components business. Here, the gear engineering and worm gear set business units were able to gain well-known customers and forward-looking orders in prior months. In addition to that, numerous large-scale projects in drive engineering that have been in the development stage for several years will reach serial production in the second half of 2017 and especially in 2018.

“Generating this new business requires additional resources. Expanding our international activities is the key element for sustainable growth and thus for securing the jobs at our headquarters in Eisenbach, Germany, in the long run,” says Gökhan Balkis. Exactly two years after the start of production at the assembly location in Nowa Ruda, Poland, the Managing Director of the Franz Morat Group offers a positive summary of the progress so far. According to Balkis, the gradual setup of assembly islands for stair lift drives, caravan maneuvering units, brewing assemblies for industrial coffee machines, two-component mixing units for dental technology, and assemblies for controlling and metering technology, among others, went smoothly in a lean, process-reliable manner.

The new production location for plastic injection molding in Lerma, 65 km southwest of Mexico City, is also expected to make a significant contribution. Lerma lies in the automotive belt of Toluca de Lerdo, which is already home to many global companies. Since the beginning of the year, numerous machines have been commissioned, and all production factors and equipment necessary for manufacturing have been acquired. At the same time, the new operating facility has been organized and set up to conform to the lean philosophy. Four experienced employees from the headquarters in Eisenbach are also seeing to a smooth production start in Lerma, where predominantly plastic components for comfort drives for the automotive industry have been injection-molded since March 2017. These components will be used in such application as in the automatic seat or window drives of reputable automotive suppliers.

The course for the future has also been set in terms of organization and corporate structure. Since the beginning of this year, Gökhan Balkis has been acting as Managing Director of the Franz Morat Group. The central departments there have been consolidated both physically and organizationally, and many areas have added personnel. Currently, the Franz Morat Group has just under 600 employees.

In the Framo Morat and F. Morat companies, Dr. Matthias Dannemann and Jörg Hansen join the managerial level next to Balkis. While Dannemann and Hansen, as Directors of Operations, are in charge of production-related processes, Balkis, as Managing Director, is responsible for sales, development and design, as well as company subsidiaries.

Jörg Hansen, who started working as an operations manager at F. Morat on September 16, 2013, takes on responsibility for the production, QM/QA, work preparation, logistics, and maintenance departments as Director of Operations. He brings more than 30 years of industry experience—from manufacturing plastic granulate at a publicly traded company to managing development, design and plastic component production departments in mid-sized companies.

Matthias Dannemann joined Framo Morat as a technical manager on December 1, 2015. After completing his doctorate in civil engineering and electric drive technology, Dannemann was first employed as a development manager and then as a plant manager in a publicly traded company. As Director of Operations, Dannemann is now responsible for the production, production process management, industrial engineering, QM/QA and maintenance for the gear engineering and drive expert. He is also responsible for operations management of the Framo Morat Polska assembly plant.