About F. Morat


Important Facts (Franz Morat Group):

  • Approx. 700 employees
  • Approx. 100 million € annual sales
  • > 50% exported
  • Production area approx. 26,500 m2 at Headquarter, 7,000 m2 in Poland,
    2,500 m2 in Mexico
  • Complete chain of process in-house

Plastics at their best – for 60 years

Franz Morat Group Portfolio

Since 1963, custom injection molded parts have been produced from technical plastics by the company founded in 1944 by Franz Morat Jr. This makes F. Morat one of the pioneers of this technology. Today, 60 years later, F. Morat serves all sectors of drive engineering with technologically sophisticated injection molded parts and complete assemblies ready for sale.



F. Morat produces over one million parts each day on state-of-the-art machinery with over 70 injection molding machines. Our production facilities process both industrial thermoplastics and various fillers and reinforcement materials, including high-temperature resistant PEEK™ material, to make technical components. One key advantage for F. Morat is our enormous manufacturing range. From gearing design, component optimization and mold design to tool making and production up to re-machining, assembly and final inspection, all process-related work steps are carried out in-house at F. Morat. This guarantees that we are able to master and advance the key technologies while offering a large amount of flexibility.


Entwicklung Framo Morat Planetengetriebe

In development, we work closely with our affiliate Framo Morat. This integrates the advantages of metal and plastic into the process right from the start as part of the specification for your drive, ensuring everything is used to its limits for your benefit. Based on our many years of experience, we are your ideal partner, from development and design engineering to prototyping and testing all the way to series production and assembly. Numerous highly respected companies from a wide variety of industries trust our development services and the resulting drive solutions.


FMorat Montage

Thanks to a high degree of production depth, we are able to combine expertise and a complete range of production services for gear production under the umbrella of Franz Morat Group. In 2015, a new plant was founded in Nowa Ruda, Poland to help expand our assembly capacities. Different transmission variants are installed here at the 2,500 m² facility – economically, flexibly and efficiently.

F. Morat’s product range is divided into two product groups:

Injection molded parts

Over 1 million parts leave the factory daily, are delivered across the globe and are integrated into a wide variety of equipment where they perform their tasks quietly and reliably. This ranges from power windows in automobiles to actuators for mobile communications to table height adjustment systems, paper shredders and super-automatic coffee machines.
A popular option is to combine metals with plastics. The geometric construction and optimization of metal and plastic parts also takes place in-house at F. Morat. Through these combinations, solutions can be found that each material is unable to offer in isolation.



Since 1989, F. Morat has been producing metal/plastic combinations and complete drive units. This includes all processing steps, for example, ultrasonic welding, soldering, inspecting and marking. The result is actuators for district heating technology, radiators and metering pumps or closing actuators for the security industry. No less important, all assembly groups benefit from the expertise that forms the foundation for the complete in-house processing chain.
As part of Franz Morat Group, F. Morat continues to offer development expertise for complete, custom assemblies and, therefore, is a powerful partner in all areas of drive engineering with a specific focus on plastics.

Franz Morat Group

Franz Morat Group Metals Plastics

In recent years, F. Morat has grown increasingly close to its neighboring associate company Framo Morat, a leading company in gear and drive engineering. As a result, the umbrella company Franz Morat Group can create drive solutions that bring together the benefits of both materials, metals and plastics, for capabilities that are truly unique in the industry.


We think globally but have local roots. We are a modern, international technology company yet we remain tied to our original location in Germany’s Black Forest and are led by the sixth generation of family management. We draw energy from our heritage: we believe that a solid footing is needed to truly achieve success. And we strive for success each and every day. The high technical level is not only maintained, but continuously expanded – training and professional development are areas of key focus. With a 100% trainee acceptance rate and less than 1% turnover, we put our commitment to people into practice. This enables a special kind of interaction and cooperation across departments, which directly pays off for our customers: Flat hierarchies and direct communication ensure quick, well thought-out decisions.


We are always seeking motivated and qualified employees who can help us keep up with continually changing market requirements. But we also place a high value on advanced training for our employees. More than 70% of our employees are qualified as skilled workers, while 10% are participating in training at any given time. Take a look at our new Careers page – with the wide variety of open positions, you are sure to find one that is right for you.