Entwicklung Framo Morat Planetengetriebe

An optimum product requires much more than merely complying with the specifications. Only in combination with dependable production and high process reliability does the customer obtain a cohesive overall package. For this reason, it is critical that every step in the process be carefully executed, beginning with product development. To ensure smooth series production, each part must be designed specifically for injection molding and then coordinated closely with the production method and tool design.

Over the course of several decades we have gained extensive expertise in development and production methodologies for individual parts as well as complete drive systems. Our customers benefit from this experience every time we develop a new product for them. Our experience, paired with our in-house toolmaking capabilities, results in highly efficient and comprehensive solutions.

Under the umbrella of Franz Morat Group, we offer you in-depth development expertise for complete, custom engineered drive solutions. We are a consulting company that combines automated production with the services of an engineering firm. Our years of experience make us the ideal partner for every phase of a project, from developing specifications for your drive idea through development and design to prototype construction, testing, assembly, and regular production.

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