Assembly and subsequent processing

Our customers come to us not just for our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, but also as an experienced partner in the assembly of a wide variety of partially assembled components and complete drive systems. Our portfolio of drive solutions includes partially assembled units, standardized modular gearbox components, and ready-to-use complete drives including a motor and control system.

We use a wide variety of processes during assembly: From force-displacement monitoring of force fitting to ultrasonic welding, adhering or shrink-fitting of a wide variety of materials, to press working, we cover the entire process chain in-house, including process-oriented intermediate testing and complex end-of-line test benches with batch tracking and archiving. As a result, various work procedures fit together seamlessly.

In order to sustainably improve our competitiveness in this area and to be closer to our customers, we have continuously expanded our international assembly capacities for you in recent years.

In Nowa Ruda, Poland, we established a new production site with 2,500 m² of assembly space. In 2015, the first assembly lines, set up according to the latest principles of ergonomics, economics, and logistics, were brought into operation. Framo Morat Polska now houses around 30 project-specific assembly lines. An expansion of around 1,200 m² of assembly area is currently being planned.

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In addition, we have expanded our assembly areas at our production site in Lerma, Mexico for you at the beginning of 2022. The new hall with a production area of additional approx. 1,200 m² will be used for assembly projects for the North American continent (USMCA). Lerma is located 65 km to the southwest of Mexico City and lies in the Mexican automotive belt of Toluca de Lerdo, which is already home to many global companies.

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Your experienced partner for assembly projects

Increasing cost pressure, capacity bottlenecks, lack of skilled workers and the demand for comprehensive quality control are ever-present topics. Are you looking for alternative measures to sustainably improve your competitiveness in the field of assembly projects? Do you aim to bring the complexity of your processes down to a minimum, while focusing on your core capabilities and keeping costs to a minimum and increasing flexibility?

Then we‘re the right fit for you! By outsourcing your assembly projects, you can counteract increasing cost pressures and quickly and flexibly overcome capacity bottlenecks during times of high demand. This will free up resources that benefit your core business.

You too can benefit from our expertise, gained during numerous drive-related projects, as well as our industrial know-how and craftsmanship. Our experience, knowledge, facilities, and capabilities allow us to assemble a variety of products and components for automotive, heavy machinery, agriculture, intralogistics, medical device technology and many other industries. Traceable, product-specific intermediate and final inspections as well as certified quality testing ensures the reliability of all drive units and assemblies.

Have we sparked your interest? We will gladly send you a quote in almost no time at all. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries and your exciting projects!
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