Mold and tool making

  • 12 mold processing machines
  • CAD-CAM-system
  • CNC lathes and milling machines
  • Wire and vertical eroding machines

Our in-house die and mold making department with its state-of-the-art machinery, the CAD-CAM solutions and experienced, dedicated employees plays an important role in our overall success. This enables us to preserve our expertise and continuously expand our range of expertise in precision injection molding. This is evident in consistently high quality, a stable production startup and in on-time deliveries. Coordinating our development with mold making and production at an early stage ensures the smooth processes that our customers value so highly. After talking through the design engineering process across departments, the critical mold parts are produced in house, often using wire or die eroding. The response times in the pattern-making phase and in the event of changes are examples of the significant advantages provided by our complete in-house process chain.

Here you can see some selected examples of the machinery we use in our tool shop:

RS 600 C


Our RS 600 C CNC cylindrical grinding machine was acquired in 2011 and is used for both external grinding and internal grinding. Due to the small batch sizes in moldmaking, this machine’s short retooling times offer a huge advantage. The intuitive programming is a big benefit when changing parts.

The machine is used for grinding fittings for injection molds. It is able to grind parts with diameters from 0.5 mm to 280 mm. The ability to apply virtually any contour to the grinding disks makes it possible to transfer that same contour to the workpiece.

Technical data

  • Distance between centers: 600mm
  • Center height: 140mm
  • Workpiece weight: 100 kg between centers, 30 kg floating
  • Workpiece spindle speed: 0-600 rpm

ZK simply genius


Our ZK simply genius machine acquired in 2013 is used for fully automated die eroding. The machine’s connection to a robot makes it possible to change both the electrodes (60 units) and the workpieces (6 units) automatically. In addition, the machine is equipped with a palletizing system from Partool.

The machine is used for eroding mold inserts for injection molds. Geometries from 0.3 mm to approximately 400 mm in size, largely consisting of hardened workpieces, can be integrated. Our special area here is eroding angled teeth, referring to eroding the C/z.

Technical data

  • Travel distances: X Y Z, 400/350/350 mm
  • Table sleeve distance: 550 mm
  • Clamping chuck: EROWA
  • Robot: Chameleon



Our AGIE 150 HSS wire eroding machine acquired in 1994 offers astounding repeat accuracy for geometry despite its age. Thanks to the special wire guide that is no longer available on machines today, it can produce conical cuts of up to 28°. It can generate surfaces with a texture down to Ra 0.3 and corner radii of 0.07 mm.

The machine is used for producing mold inserts for injection molds, especially for gear teeth. Virtually all teeth used in injection molding at F. Morat in the last 20 years have been produced on this machine.

Technical data

  • Travel distances: X Y Z, 400/200/250mm
  • Workpiece weights: Up to 200 kg
  • Maximum taper for U/V axes: +/- 28°
  • Wire Ø of 0.1 – 0.25 mm