Engineering excellence in comfort, efficiency and dynamics.

  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Components in the powertrain
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Seat Adjuster
  • Window regulators and window shade systems
  • Liftgate drives and door locking systems

gear parts



Actuators and

Gear and drive systems for the automotive industry

Lightweight, quiet, powerful

Modern vehicles have to meet many requirements that may appear to be contradictory. On the one hand, customers want more and more automation and systems providing greater comfort and convenience, while on the other the vehicle needs to be more and more dynamic and efficient.

We help automotive manufacturers and suppliers successfully meet these requirements. As a specialist in gear systems made from high-performance plastics, hybrid and technical components and complex drive systems, we develop and produce solutions for you that are lightweight, quiet and powerful all at the same time.

What makes us stand out as a partner for the automotive industry? Our extensive research into plastic gears, our customized development work, our high production depth at our international production sites and our precise logistical solutions.

What can we set in motion for you?

A partner for the automotive industry

More than 60 years of experience in plastic injection moulding technology

We are one of the pioneers in the field of precision injection molding and have been setting the standard for the automotive industry for over 60 years. Benefit from our decades of experience and our development expertise in the large-scale production of customized drive solutions!

Extensive expertise in numerous automotive projects

We develop and produce components and assemblies for your automotive applications – and have successfully completed many projects with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers at all levels.

Material-specific and application-driven design

We are your partner for the material-specific and application-driven design of gear components. Based on this approach, we also develop complex transmission and drive systems for you.

Tool construction, series production and assembly from one source

We are the only partner you need f or your gear components and assemblies. This is because we can provide you with engineering, tool construction, series production and assembly from one source – in one seamless process and with the highest level of quality.

International production sites and development sites

We are close by: Thanks to our branches in Germany, Poland, Turkey, Mexico, and the USA, we are located in close proximity to the international production centers in the automotive industry.

Certified quality management system according to IATF 16949

Drive engineering from F. Morat stands for high precision, robustness, durability, and quiet operation – piece by piece. As we are certified in accordance with IATF 16949, we manufacture and suppl y automotive components to many renowned global players.

Our product portfolio


Franz Morat Group team takes 5th place in the German Entrepreneur Award for Students 2024.

"Clever View Innovations" - the Franz Morat Group's team of apprentices - has achieved an outstanding fifth place nationwide in the German Founder Award for School Students 2024.

The team, consisting of Raphael Sinan Altmann (training as an IT specialist for application development), Robi Golob (training as an industrial mechanic), Raphael Schätzle (training as a tool mechanic), Johannes Steinhart (training as an industrial business management assistant) and Anna Wissler (training as an industrial business management assistant), impressed the judges with their innovative business idea "Windows with smart automatic ventilation". The window uses sensors to evaluate the air quality in the living area and ventilates as required via a ventilation slot that opens and closes automatically. The ventilation slit is equipped with an activated carbon filter that prevents pollen and insects from entering the room. The system is also burglar-proof and prevents mold infestations.

Franz Morat Group Receives Jobmotor 2024 Award

The Franz Morat Group is among the winners of the Jobmotor 2024 award. This prestigious competition for the economy of Southern Baden honors companies that strive to increase employment in the region and attract and retain employees with innovative personnel concepts.

The winners of the 18th edition of the Jobmotor were selected by a jury consisting of representatives from Badische Zeitung, the Freiburg Chamber of Crafts, the Southern Upper Rhine Chamber of Commerce, the Hochrhein-Bodensee Chamber of Commerce, the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce, and the wvib Schwarzwald AG. A total of 24 applications were submitted by renowned companies from the region.

New F. Morat Website with Automotive Focus Launched

To support the strategic reorientation, F. Morat is now presenting its new website, which is specially tailored to the needs of the automotive industry. The website offers a modern design, user-friendly navigation and a wealth of innovative content and information on plastic injection molding technology for automotive applications.

Franz Morat Group

A long-standing process of progress

110+ years of experience in metal processing and 60 years of pioneering spirit in the plastic injection molding technology – the Companies of the Franz Morat Group are providing for generations for motion in a wide variety of sectors. With 700 employees worldwide, we achieve a turnover of about 100 million Euros.

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