Our ventilation and air conditioning systems for cars

Lightweight. Quiet. Effective.

Technical housing parts with complex geometries and ventilator fans made from plastic metal hybrid parts play an important role for ventilation and air conditioning in vehicles:

  • They optimize the engine’s combustion process.
  • They improve the circulation of external air in the vehicle.
  • They ensure a controlled supply of air to the vehicle interior.
  • They provide comfort for passengers in the vehicle.

Our components are light, quiet and powerful all at the same time. As a result, they can optimize the processes in the vehicle, fulfil the comfort requirements of passengers and simultaneously improve the dynamics and efficiency of the vehicle.

What precision components and assemblies can we design and produce for your ventilation and air conditioning systems?

Discover our custom solutions

Injection molded gearwheels for regulating the combustion air adjacent to the engine

Wheelsets for the flap actuator on the radiator

Fan impellers for independent heating system

Assemblies to control the supply of air via radiator flaps

Long service life

Temperature-resistant plastics and the use of plastic metal composite parts ensure that our gear systems and components will work properly for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Low weight

We use extremely small, lightweight modules. This enables us to create a lightweight design–making the vehicle more efficient and dynamic.

Precision production

Our precise and repeatable process for injection molded plastics guarantees precision functionality and optimal structural stability in series production.

Injection moulded gearwheels for regulating the combustion air adjacent to the engine

Gearwheels in combustion air drives optimize the combustion process in the engine by regulating the supply of air accurately and reliably. Their precision design guarantees a high level of performance and improved fuel efficiency. Our gearwheels are designed for use adjacent to the engine:

  • High temperature resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low weight
  • Precision production
  • Cost-optimized production

Our gear components allow for continuous, maintenance-free operation in installation spaces that are difficult to reach. We develop gearwheels for your specific vehicle model, produce the complex injection molds and manufacture your systems in an efficient mass production process.

Wheelsets for the flap actuator on the radiator

The flap actuator on the radiator regulates the supply of air to the engine compartment. A precise, needs-based supply of air optimizes the aerodynamics of the vehicle and helps to reduce fuel consumption. As the engine warms up, these movable flaps also help to increase the engine temperature more quickly. Our wheelsets have the following advantages:

  • Low weight
  • High weather resistance
  • Precision production
  • Optimal structural stability
  • Economic production

The fail-safe function integrated into our wheelsets will ensure that the engine will still cool even if the actuator fails. The plastic wheelset thus contributes overall to the ecological and economic benefits of the vehicle.

Plastic metal composite fan impellers for independent heating systems

Fan impellers distribute air-conditioned air throughout the vehicle interior, playing a vital role in making it more comfortable and pleasant for passengers. By combining plastic and metal in one hybrid component, we can achieve a significant reduction in weight. In turn, this contributes to the overall lightweight de sign of the vehicle and also offers the following advantages:

  • Effective heat insulation
  • Outstanding vibration damping
  • Reduced risk of corrosion
  • Long service life
  • Low weight
  • Economic production

Plastic is a material that not only reduces component weight but also gives us a large degree of freedom in their design. This allows us to precisely customize our components to the challenging geometries and limited installation space in a vehicle. Metal inserts ensure that the parts are extremely robust. They are already inserted ready for the plastic injection molding process and bind strongly with the surrounding material. This creates a homogeneous bond and a composite that offers the advantages of both materials in cooling system applications.

Assemblies to control the supply of air via radiator flaps

We combine our expertise in the design and development of gear components and technical parts to develop complete systems for you. Our customized plastic housings safely encase and seal in the fan motor and all of the electronic components. Metal shafts overmolded with plastic act as the bearings for the gearwheels within the assembly. This guarantees a robust and highly precise wheelbase that ensures the gearwheels function reliably across the entire temperature range of −40 °C bis +90 °C. Our range of services includes:

  • Adopting your specifications
  • Developing the transmission system
  • Designing the gears
  • Design of injection molded parts
  • Production and evaluation of prototypes

Alongside our range of development services, we can also handle the production process for you. Our in-house skills and expertise for tool construction and precision plastic injection molding in combination with our subsequent assembly and further processing services provide a solid basis for the series production of complex assemblies.

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