Franz Morat jun.

Our company founder Franz Morat Jr. recognized the opportunity of the new plastics technology very early on. With an eye for what was feasible, the courage to take risks and an open ear for the needs of his employees, he laid the foundations for the success of F. Morat today.

Oskar Haberstroh sen.

At the time of incorporation, Oskar Haberstroh Sr. had already been a production engineer for 12 years, after which he spent 18 years as Managing Director for his grandfather’s company, Johann Morat Söhne GmbH. In 1963, he and his cousin Franz Morat Jr. started the plastics injection molding company F. Morat Co. GmbH. Oskar Haberstroh Sr. took over as Managing Director, a position he held until 1980, when he handed over his shares and position to his son Oskar Haberstroh Jr.

Our company’s history


Founding of Franz Morat GmbH, now Framo Morat GmbH & Co. KG, by Franz Morat senior.


Start of plastics processing at F. Morat & Co. GmbH, founded in 1944. Oskar Haberstroh senior takes over Management.


First fully electronically controlled injection moulding machine.

1971 / 72

Construction of a 1,500 m² production hall.


Retirement of Franz Morat junior. His daughter Gisela Brake-Morat becomes a partner.


Retirement of Oskar Haberstroh senior. Oskar Haberstroh junior takes over his shares and becomes Managing Director.


Processing of (PEEK™) starts.


Introduction of statistical process control.


Franz Morat junior dies.


Introduction of special software for calculating and optimising gear toothing.


Production of complete assemblies and gears.


Oskar Haberstroh senior dies.


Development of gearboxes, including assembly and final inspection.


F. Morat’s product range is expanded to include design, optimization, and production of plastic gears up to a modulus of 4.


Start of large-scale production of gearbox housings for the automotive industry.


Annual production exceeds 100,000,000 parts.


Expansion of production area to 5,000 m².


Complete transfer of shares to the Morat family.


Mr Gökhan Balkis takes over as Managing Director.


Franz Robert Morat and Dr. Daniel Morat become sole shareholders of both affiliated companies when Gisela Brake-Morat retires.

2012 / 2013

Founding of the Franz Morat Group, consisting of the sister companies F. Morat and Framo Morat.



Framo Morat, Inc. is started in Albuquerque, NM USA. F. Morat moves into new production site in Pfaffenweiler with a usable space of 800 m².


Founding of Framo Morat Türkiye, Ltd. in Istanbul.
Framo Morat and F. Morat establish a new production site in Poland.
Foundation of F. Morat Sistemas in Lerma, México.

2018 / 2019

Franz Morat Group and Swoboda Hartmann Group establish joint venture for e-motive projects (Morat Swoboda Motion GmbH).

Start of production in July 2019 on 4,500 m² production area in Nowa Ruda, PL.


Framo Morat, Inc. moves to new headquarters in Duluth, GA with 700 square meters of space for administration, repair & service and warehouse & logistics.


Opening of the Franz Morat Group's new training center and expansion of the production area by 2,500 m² (Plant 3) at the headquarters in Eisenbach.

Expansion of space by 1,200 m² at F. Morat México by moving into a new hall for assembly projects.


Construction of our own solar park to cover around 10% of the Franz Morat Group's electricity requirements at our headquarters in Eisenbach.

Opening of a new Framo Morat Türkiye site for sales, service, remote engineering and purchasing in Izmir.

Doubling of the production area of Morat Swoboda Motion in Nowa Ruda, PL to 9,000 m².


Strategic realignment of the group of companies: F. Morat specializes in the development and production of plastic solutions for the automotive industry, Framo Morat takes over the entire industrial business.