Franz Morat Group team takes 5th place in the German Entrepreneur Award for Students 2024.

"Clever View Innovations" - the Franz Morat Group's team of apprentices - has achieved an outstanding fifth place nationwide in the German Founder Award for School Students 2024.

The team, consisting of Raphael Sinan Altmann (training as an IT specialist for application development), Robi Golob (training as an industrial mechanic), Raphael Schätzle (training as a tool mechanic), Johannes Steinhart (training as an industrial business management assistant) and Anna Wissler (training as an industrial business management assistant), impressed the judges with their innovative business idea "Windows with smart automatic ventilation". The window uses sensors to evaluate the air quality in the living area and ventilates as required via a ventilation slot that opens and closes automatically. The ventilation slit is equipped with an activated carbon filter that prevents pollen and insects from entering the room. The system is also burglar-proof and prevents mold infestations.

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Franz Morat Group Receives Jobmotor 2024 Award

The Franz Morat Group is among the winners of the Jobmotor 2024 award. This prestigious competition for the economy of Southern Baden honors companies that strive to increase employment in the region and attract and retain employees with innovative personnel concepts.

The winners of the 18th edition of the Jobmotor were selected by a jury consisting of representatives from Badische Zeitung, the Freiburg Chamber of Crafts, the Southern Upper Rhine Chamber of Commerce, the Hochrhein-Bodensee Chamber of Commerce, the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce, and the wvib Schwarzwald AG. A total of 24 applications were submitted by renowned companies from the region.

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New F. Morat Website with Automotive Focus Launched

To support the strategic reorientation, F. Morat is now presenting its new website, which is specially tailored to the needs of the automotive industry. The website offers a modern design, user-friendly navigation and a wealth of innovative content and information on plastic injection molding technology for automotive applications.

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Gökhan Balkis, Managing Director Franz Morat Group

Franz Morat Group reports record revenue

The Franz Morat Group achieved record revenue once again in the previous fiscal year of 2023 despite weakening economic activity. At around 114 million euros, sales came in about 8% higher than in the previous year. Managing Director Gökhan Balkis considers this a satisfying result in light of the current geopolitical and economic backdrops, even if revenue was a little less than 5% below target.

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Framo Morat at SPS 2023

Framo Morat will be appearing again at Booth 350 in Hall 1 when the Who’s Who of the automation industry gather in Nuremberg on November 14–16, 2023. The 32nd annual SPS – Smart Production Solutions trade show will be held in 16 exhibition halls with around 120,000 m² of exhibition space and more than 1,200 exhibitors expected from all around the world.

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