Franz Morat Group team takes 5th place in the German Entrepreneur Award for Students 2024.

The "Clever View Innovations" team from the Franz Morat Group, from left to right: Robi Golob, Raphael Schätzle, Johannes Steinhart, Raphael Sinan Altmann, Anna Wissler (copyright: Marvin Sokolis)


"Clever View Innovations" - the Franz Morat Group's team of apprentices - has achieved an outstanding fifth place nationwide in the German Founder Award for School Students 2024.

The team, consisting of Raphael Sinan Altmann (training as an IT specialist for application development), Robi Golob (training as an industrial mechanic), Raphael Schätzle (training as a tool mechanic), Johannes Steinhart (training as an industrial business management assistant) and Anna Wissler (training as an industrial business management assistant), impressed the judges with their innovative business idea "Windows with smart automatic ventilation". The window uses sensors to evaluate the air quality in the living area and ventilates as required via a ventilation slot that opens and closes automatically. The ventilation slit is equipped with an activated carbon filter that prevents pollen and insects from entering the room. The system is also burglar-proof and prevents mold infestations.

The German Start-up Award for School Students is an initiative of Stern, Sparkasse, ZDF and Porsche. The competition is aimed at school pupils and trainees and challenges them to develop their own business idea and develop it further in various tasks. In addition to a market analysis, a SWOT analysis, a marketing and sales strategy, a realistic price calculation and financial planning must be developed.

In this year's round, which ran from January 8 to May 13, 2024, a total of ten teams from the Hochschwarzwald region took part. These included pupils from the Hans-Thoma-Schule in Titisee-Neustadt and the Kreisgymnasium Hochschwarzwald as well as trainees from the Franz Morat Group, Sparkasse Hochschwarzwald and Testo AG. The teams pitched their innovative ideas for the first time on April 18 at the local Sparkasse, which is the initiator of the project in the Hochschwarzwald region.

At the national final, which took place in Hamburg on June 18, 2024, the representatives of the Franz Morat Group presented their idea to a top-class jury and secured a place among the top five teams in Germany. In total, around 2,000 students in 480 teams took part in Germany's largest business start-up simulation game this year.

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