Our production processes for the automotive industry

Quick, flexible and the highest level of quality

How can we satisfy the specific requirements of the automotive industry? By ensuring that all of the production steps interlock harmoniously just like a gearwheel! To this end, we have developed a production process for our gearwheels, transmission components and drive systems where we have every single step 100% under control. As a result, you benefit from an efficient, flexible and transparent production process at all time s.

Your advantages with F. Morat:

  • High production depth: We can provide you with development, tool construction, injection moulding and quality assurance services from one source. This allows us to respond to any changes in requirements quickly and flexibly.
  • High quality: By closely harmonising the development and production processes and handling the injection moulded parts in a particularly careful way, we can guarantee an especially high level of quality.
  • Certified processes: We have been certified in accordance with IATF 16949 since 2014. We can fulfil all of your documentation, transparency and efficiency requirements and are thus your ideal partner for the production of gear systems.

Our own mould and tool construction processes

The moulds and tools for precision plastic injection moulding are produced by us in-house in our industrial injection moulding engineering department. This offers you numerous advantages:

  • Closely harmonised development and tool construction processes: Our developers work hand-in-hand with the tool construction department. This means that the production-oriented design of components including mould flow analyses are just as important to us as the material and geometrically focussed design of the tools.
  • Fast response times: Our internal processes shorten our response times considerably:whether it involves inspections, measurements and corrections or changes to the specifications and servicing tasks.
  • Shorter time-to-market: In the development of new gear systems, we can produce prototype tools using 3D printing methods and thus significantly speed up the development process.

We have various different high precision machines–including CAD-CAM systems, CNC lathes and milling machines, 5-axis milling centres and wire and sinker EDM machines–for the mould and tool construction processes. They enable us to produce tools in sizes from270 × 270 mm to 820 × 820 mm.

Production of precision injection moulded parts

We also have 75 highly automated injection moulding machines with a high level of autonomy at our sites around the world for the production of your gear components. These machines are used to process a broad range of technical thermoplastics and high-temperature polymers. Benefit from the advantages offered by our production capabilities:

  • Large production capacities: Our machine park can produce large series in a short amount of time thanks to its high level of autonomy, highly automated handling system, fast retooling processes and 3 shift operation.
  • Systematic quality: All parts are removed from the tool by automatic handling systems and carefully deposited onto a cooling conveyor. This helps us avoid impact marks and systematically improves the quality of the parts. We also use camera systems to monitor the components during the injection moulding process.
  • Outstanding materials: We are one of only a small circle of manufacturers with expertise in the field of technical thermoplastics who are also capable of handling the highly temperature-resistant plastic PEEK and working with various different fillers and reinforcing materials. This enables us to produce outstanding products.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance processes: Flawless product quality is a prerequisite for stable processes in the automotive industry. We proactively guarantee the quality of our products by rigorously complying with maintenance plans and systematically optimising our production processes using FMEA, SPC and MFU analyses. We monitor the product characteristics using optical and mechanical measurement methods and various measurement techniques for gear systems. Our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016.

Assembly and further processing

Our manufacturing services go above and beyond the production of plastic gear parts. Our assembly plants in southern Germany, Poland and Mexico mean that we are close to the global centres o f automotive production in line with the local-to-local principle. We can produce partially assembled assemblies or ready-to-use actuators according to your requirements at these plants. Our assembly lines are separated according to component families and comply with the latest ergonomic, economic and logistical standards.

We can handle a broad spectrum of further processing tasks, including:

  • Bonding and shrinking
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Press fitting with force and displacement monitoring
  • Imprinting

Our process-oriented intermediate tests and complex end-of-line test stands with batch tracking and archiving mean that we can handle the entire process chain in-house – while delivering quality parts piece by piece.

What gearwheels, transmission components and drive systems can we produce for you?

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