Plastics at their best

F. Morat does not produce standardized bulk goods; we provide large-scale series production made to order. Gear parts, plastic metal connections, assemblies and technical parts that have been specially developed for a specific product and a specific application. Parts that can hardly be distinguished visually from other parts but outperform the common standards with respect to quality, precision, and durability.

What applies to individual components also applies to our complete actuators: at F. Morat, we always strive to find the best technical and economical solution for our customers. This results in products of outstanding quality and precision, which are particularly reliable and durable due to their individuality.

Our Technologies

Plastic gear parts


F. Morat processes both technical thermoplastics including various fillers and reinforcing materials as well as the temperature-resistant PEEK plastic to create technical components.

Plastic-metal compounds


The combination of plastic and metal often results in advantages that the respective material group cannot offer on its own. F. Morat takes care of the geometric design and optimization, as well as the highly automated series production of hybrid components for you.

Technical parts


F. Morat represents more than just maximum precision and quality for gear parts. If you are looking for housing parts with complex geometries, intricate sealing elements, miniature bearings or multi-component technology, we are your dependable partner.

Actuators and Assemblies


In addition to individual components, our range of drive solutions also includes partially assembled modules and ready-to-use actuators. We cover the entire process chain in-house — from development and series production through to assembly, including further processing and quality control.