Actuators and transmission assemblies for automotive production

Precise motion made easy

Our actuator components can fulfil numerous functions in your vehicles:

  • Seat adjustment
  • Window shade systems
  • Window regulators
  • Door locking systems
  • Liftgate closing systems
  • Windscreen wiper drives
  • Ventilation and air conditioning adjustment

We combine all of our expertise gained from developing gearwheels, shafts, and housings in our components for actuators and assemblies to create products that precisely fulfil the requirements of your application. This includes characteristics such as positional precision, performance, and noise performance. But you can also benefit from our experience in other areas: By using high-performance plastics, we can reduce the size and weight of our systems considerably–helping you to develop lightweight vehicles and deliver more efficiency and dynamics on the road.

Product examples

Here you can see a selection of our products from the .... range, which are used in the automotive industry.

Our development expertise in actuators and assemblies

We have been perfecting the art of precision injection molding for over 60 years and have been actively developing customized drives for customers for 55 years. We are familiar with the advantages and idiosyncrasies associated with every type of gear, every material and every housing and can use this wealth of experience to develop the right solution for your application.

  • We invest heavily in basic research into plastic gears. Our own gear test stand enables us to test various combinations of gear geometries and materials, creating the basis for an efficient and reliable gear and transmission design.
  • We select the materials that are best suited to your application. Depending on the requirements, we can develop gear systems for you from industrial thermoplastics and high-temperature plastics, metals, or a combination of both materials.
  • We develop components, wheelsets and subsystems for actuators, assembles and complete systems. Our development service not only covers the design of the material-based gear geometry, but also the integration of bearings, lubrication, and seals.

Our production expertise in actuators and assemblies

Our holistic approach means we can provide you with engineering, tool construction, injection molding, further processing, assembly and quality management services from one source. This allows us to seamlessly coordinate the different production steps and guarantee the highest levels of quality throughout the entire production process.

  • We have our own professional tool construction service in-house that guarantees the highest level of precision–and enables us to produce complex geometries.
  • Our modern production plants makes it possible for us to produce several million plastic gear parts cost efficiently in a short period of time.
  • Our careful handling of gearwheels, shafts, and housing parts improves the quality of the parts and minimizes impact marks.
  • We offer numerous processes for the further processing and assembly of the parts. This ranges from press fitting with force and displacement monitoring, ultrasonic welding, adhesion and shrinking of various materials through to imprinting.
  • Our process-oriented intermediate tests and complex end-of-line test stands with backtracking and archiving means that we can handle the entire process chain in-house.
  • Our extensive quality assurance process according to IATF 16949 ensures that our gear parts perform reliably–and also satisfy their economic requirements in the long term.

Which actuators and assemblies can we develop for you? Our development experts would be delighted to speak to you!

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