Technical injection molded plastic parts for automotive production

Highly precise and ultralight

Our range of products for your vehicle

  • Components for seat adjustment
  • Complex housing parts
  • Filigree sealing elements
  • Small bearings

The use of plastic components is the key to reducing weight in automotive construction, making the vehicle more efficient and dynamic to handle. But plastics offer many other benefits: They enable the production of complex forms that can be very precisely adapted to different vehicle models. And thanks to the fact that we can also produce hybrid components, we can even achieve seemingly contradictory characteristics such as stiffness and elasticity in one component.

Product examples

Here you can see a selection of our products from the .... range, which are used in the automotive industry.

Our development expertise in technical parts

We have been producing gear parts and components from plastic for 60 years and are one of the pioneers in the precision injection molding of plastics. We are familiar with the advantages and idiosyncrasies associated with every design and material, and can use this wealth of experience to develop the right solution for your application.

  • We develop your components using a broad range of different plastics, for example, technical thermoplastics such as POM, PA, PA, PBT, PC, PPA, PPE, PPS or the high-temperature plastic PEEK. Using fillers and reinforcing materials such as glass fiber or carbon fiber, we can produce lightweight, high-performance components.
  • We optimize the design of the components and select the materials based on your specifications. Alongside technical specifications such as load-bearing capacity, installation space, noise performance and weight, we also take economic factors such as ease of maintenance and cost-effective production into account.
  • We not only develop the plastic components but also the associated injection molding tools. This means that we focus on the design of injection molded parts from the outset and are able to identify and correct critical issues related to injection molding during the design of the molding tools.

Our production expertise in technical parts

Our holistic approach means we can provide you with engineering, tool construction, injection molding, further processing, assembly and quality management services from one source. This allows us to seamlessly coordinate the different production steps and guarantee the highest levels of quality throughout the entire production process.

  • We have our own professional tool construction service in-house that guarantees the highest precision in the production of the desired geometries.
  • Our modern, highly automated production plants make it possible for us to produce several million plastic components cost efficiently in a short period of time.
  • Our extensive quality assurance process according to IATF 16949 ensures that our gear parts perform reliably and also satisfy their economic requirements in the long term.
  • Using a four-tool system and direct injection methods for the production process, we can produce the parts quickly while avoiding sprue and waste.

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