F. Morat México is “Preferred Supplier” of Bosch

The global player Bosch has awarded F. Morat México the title of “Preferred Supplier” in the “Mobility Solutions” division. With this award, Bosch is promoting sustainable business relationships and joint global growth with the best and most innovative suppliers. The “Preferred Supplier” status is part of Bosch’s supplier management program and is awarded annually on the basis of clearly defined criteria. Quality, delivery performance, adherence to delivery dates, and cooperation in a spirit of partnership are among the most important decision criteria.

The joint success story of F. Morat and Bosch began in 1983 with the production of the first plastic components at F. Morat’s headquarters in Eisenbach. The business relationship has been continuously expanded ever since. Since 2017, F. Morat México in Lerma has been producing a wide range of precision injection-molded components for the automotive industry. Already in 2018 the young company was awarded the “Notified Supplier Of The Year” prize. With this award, the world’s largest automotive supplier Bosch honors the performance of its best new suppliers every two years.