Franz Morat Group builds training center at new plant / Additional expansion of floor space planned at company headquarters

EISENBACH, Germany. The Franz Morat Group has moved into a new plant in Eisenbach, Germany, across the street from its headquarters on the high plains of the Höchst. The building was already acquired by the company Grieshaber Feinmechanik in 2018. Due to the expansion, the names of all the plants in Eisenbach have been extended. The name of the Framo Morat production facility carries the add-on Plant 1, while F. Morat received the add-on Plant 2.

The site of the new Plant 3 covers an area of around 3,000 m². Spread over three stories, the building has usable floor space of around 2,300 m². The upper floor houses the Training Center & Assembly and the Technical Service department. The machinery covers all the technologies relevant for the industrial mechanic training program. The training center also has its own measuring room with 3D measurement technology as well as spacious, digitally equipped training rooms. The ground floor holds not only assembly operations for the standard drive technology but also the areas for incoming and outgoing goods as well as storage space. Customer-specific assembly facilities have been set up on the lower floor.

The floor space that has become available at Framo Morat will be used for strategic growth at the company’s headquarters in Eisenbach. Currently, the peripheral equipment is being remodeled so that reversible heat pumps can use the exhaust air for efficient heating and cooling. After the remodeling is complete, the machinery and equipment for the Plastics Injection Molding Technology business unit will be installed successively. The remaining floor space will be used to provide assembly lines for preparing series production and approval processes for customer-specific drive projects and to expand capacity for production, testing and storage.

To optimize logistics processes and accelerate the flow of goods within the company, the next step will be to construct a three-story connecting building between Plants 1 and 2. It has been designed so that internal logistics can run automatically later on with the help of automated guided vehicles. In a further expansion stage, the production, logistics and office area on the south side of Plant 1 is to be increased in the next few years by adding a three-story attachment.

Furthermore, the plan for erecting the company’s own solar park has been made more specific. With a total output of around 1 MW, the park will cover roughly one fifth of the Group’s electricity requirements at the Eisenbach site, making an important contribution toward achieving a sustainable energy supply. The solar park will also be built on the south side of the company property along Franz-Morat Street and cover a total area of just under 9,000 m². Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2023.

Plant 3 on the Höchst high plain in Eisenbach houses Technical Service, the assembly departments, and the new training center.
In the new training center of the Franz Morat Group, the core components of technical education (CNC turning, CNC milling, grinding, drilling, sawing, measurement technology) are taught hands-on and solidified through theoretical training in modern training rooms.