Even if you don’t see it, virtually every car on the road today uses parts from F. Morat to ensure reliable operation. Because automobiles are produced in large quantities and stay in service for many years, extremely high quality and reliability are essential. This starts right under the hood as components for electric starters and ranges all the way to the drive elements on the air intake for the intercooler or right in the intake section near the engine that provide more power while reducing consumption.

In addition, parts from F. Morat play a key role in driving comfort. From the power windows to the seat adjustment and auxiliary heaters—everything has to function at the push of a button and virtually inaudibly. Whenever a tailgate closes smoothly and quietly, sunshades open or close automatically, seat belts are conveniently moved into place or a mirror folds down reliably, parts from F. Morat are usually hard at work. This is because tiny bearings, housing parts, gears and impellers are tirelessly at work day in and day out in the drives and electric motors.


Comfort drives


Our technical parts are used in many various comfort drive types. So, among others, housing elements are used for seat adjustment or for power window drives.

Combustion air control


FMO_PF_ZahnsegmentA variety of gears and drive shafts actuate different valves in various actuating drives that increase the combustion air supply and thus the efficiency and output of the engine. Thanks to the choice of the materials, all individual parts are suitable for installation close to the engine.

Automatic start-stop systems


Start_Stopp_Freisteller_IMG_3078F. Morat is manufacturing four plastic components for Bosch’s “Starter Motors and generators” division, also including the installation of the sintered bushings. They are used in various combinations in starters with integrated start-stop technology. In real city traffic, the fuel consumption and the CO2 emission can be reduced by up to 15%.

Air conditioning



In the air-conditioning systems of cars, impellers in auxiliary heating systems ensure a controlled air supply or lead the heated air into the interior of the vehicle.

Flap actuator on the radiator


Brose_Klappensteller_freiThe wheel set in the actuator makes sure that the front air inlets of the engine are opened and closed according to the needs. This contributes to an optimal air flow around the vehicle, reducing the cw value and therefore the CO2 emissions. Moreover, during the warm-up phase, the closed flaps allow a faster heating up of the engine, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. The Fail-Safe function makes sure that, even in the case of a failure, the cooling of the engine is ensured.

Liftgate drive


HeckklappenantriebThis drive is located near the liftgate hinge. The drive components are used for automatic opening and closing the liftgate. They show complex geometric shapes and high wall thicknesses, as the liftgate exerts huge lever forces on the drive unit, and therefore also on the housing.

Sun protection for windows


Fensterscheiben_VerdunkelungDrives for electrical sun blinds are mounted in premium vehicles to ensure sun protection. They move two blinds simultaneously: one for the vertical darkening of the main window and one for the horizontal darkening of the side window. The combination of various plastics and damping elements out of TPE allows achieving a very low noise level.