Control, air conditioning & ventilation technology

Regel- Klima- Lüftungstechnik

The energy revolution is increasing the need for decentralized supply and storage systems and presenting new challenges for energy and building technology. Components hidden in the background are constantly in use for adjusting valves, controlling flow rates or circulating all manner of media.

Our actuators for district heating and local heating technology allow us to help contribute to reducing energy consumption while increasing comfort. Saving energy is a state of mind: Our control valve drives for radiators, air conditioners and climate-control devices have been performing their duty with reliability for more than 25 years. Maintenance-free operation coupled with a long service life is just as essential here as having simple installation and extremely quiet operating characteristics.


Control valve drives


FMO_PF_BaugruppenThese customer-specific drives actuate control valves, such as those used in district heating networks. To accommodate the wide variety of applications, we produce over 100 variants, including those for different travels, actuating forces, speeds and operating voltages. Test procedures integrated into the assembly ensure that all relevant characteristic values are achieved at all times. For our customers, we take in charge, besides the complete assembly, also the manufacture of the injection molded plastic parts.

Regulating valve drives


FMO_PF_StellantriebUsed as an individual small valve drive, this unit controls for example radiators and induction units in conjunction with zone valves. About 25 variants are produced from over 40 individual parts, which differ for example in terms of lifting force and actuating speed. A concluding final test ensures that the drive fulfills the required performance data. For this drive too, we produce all of the injection molded plastic parts.

Pump drives


FMO_PF_Gearbox_preassembledF. Morat manufactures complete subsets, for example for laboratory pumps, which use particularly low-backlash toothing to ensure accurate dosing quantities and smooth operation.