Climate protection, dwindling fossil fuels and an increased demand for mobility require innovative solutions and alternative drives. At the same time People are thinking more and more about electromobility. The underlying principle of sustainability is both inspiring and appealing. But even apart from the idealists, non-profit organizations and parties, electromobility in the industry has long since taken off from a niche existence to a boom market. The automotive industry is in the midst of the largest upheaval of its over 100-year history.

It has been on the streets for a long time, also in sold out bike shops – sales of e-bikes are booming. Expressed in numbers, this means: 1.95 million e-bikes were sold in 2020. Shared economy has also long since found its way into the area of electromobility. Numerous logistics companies and service providers now depend on electrically driven cargo bikes, scooters or industrial trucks.

With the founding of Morat Swoboda Motion GmbH, a joint venture between the Franz Morat Group and Swoboda with equal representation, the two tradition-rich companies are expanding their presence on the booming e-motive market.

The core business of the company founded in 2018 is the production of drive components for electric cars, e-bikes, cargo bikes and e-scooters. The product range includes geared drive shafts, planetary gears, spur gears, pinions and technical housing parts that unite the advantages of metal and plastic. Morat Swoboda’s drive systems combine decades of experience in gear and drive

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NEW: Compact tube drive for E-Bikes


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The new tube drive is invisibly integrated into the bike frame and convinces with its slim design. With a gear diameter of 46 mm and a gear weight of 250 g, the tube drive is predestined for use in e-gravel bikes or e-race bikes. The high-performance, two-stage hybrid planetary gearbox contributes to improved NVH performance. Planetary carriers and a gear housing made of aluminum simultaneously reduce weight and optimize heat transfer. Torque is transmitted to the crankshaft by a crown gear set. Thus, no axial adjustment of the pinion is required, resulting in ultimate reliability in the assembly process.


Spur gear stage for E-Bikes


e-bike RadsatzThe advantages of pairing metal and plastic can be seen in this application. The high-precision spur gear stage for E-bike motors consists of a metal helical rotor shaft and a plastic gear. This gear stage ensures savings in weight as well as smooth operation and a long service life thanks to the Made in Germany quality.

Screw On Plates for E-Bike batteries

The “Screw On Plates” sit tightly on the battery contacts and provide reliable protection against moisture, dirt and corrosion at the sensitive connection points. During the manufacturing process, the flame-retardant plastic material is fed to the mold fully automatically and all stamped and bent parts are completely over molded. As a result, the “Screw On Plates” meet the high stability requirements and at the same time are free from visual defects.

Comfort drives

Our technical parts are used in many various comfort drive types. So, among others, housing elements are used for comfortable seat adjustment or for power window drives.

Gear components for E-Bike drives

The e-drive is without exception the heart of every e-bike and pedelec. Here, the gearing components play a key role. Particularly light & quiet as well as powerful & durable are the indispensable – albeit competing – requirements. This is achieved on the one hand by combining plastic and metal, and on the other hand by optimizing the gear geometry as early as the design phase.