Electronics & control systems

Elektronik Steuerung Mechatronik

Safety technology is becoming increasingly important. It doesn’t matter if they’re built into a door locking system or a cash machine. The plastic components that are smallest, most precise and most inconspicuous for integration perform their duties quietly, reliably and without any need for maintenance.

The modern world of communication also needs parts from F. Morat. For example, our drive elements and assemblies update mobile communication daily and adapt it to the user’s behavior or network density.


Mobile telephony (spindles)


FMO_PF_SpindelIn mobile telephony antennas, various elements and subsets are in charge of the daily tracking and regulation of the frequency range for mobile devices.

Vending machine mechanisms


Frei_Automaten-Mechanismen_n2Various drive elements are used in automatic teller machines and ticket vending machines, for example for controlled and fail-safe sorting and dispensing of banknotes.

Lock drive


FM-50J_137Combined with various locking mechanisms of the safety and monitoring technology, this extremely compact customer-specific drive provides reliable protection against unintentional alarm triggering.

Limit units



Precision gears made from temperature-resistant plastic are used to allow flexible setting of a precise switching point in a wide variety of adjustment switching units,
such as defining the end positions for blinds.