Medical & rehabilitation device technology


Demographic changes are continually affecting our society. We manufacture components for stair lifts—mobility devices that help those in need remain safe and independent in their day-to-day life. High-precision and very low-noise drive elements ensure the high requirements for use near patients are met in medical and rehabilitation device technology. There are no compromises when it comes to the health of people. This is why manufacturers of electromechanical pipetting and infusion systems or component mixing devices for dentist offices rely on the precision and dependability of parts from F. Morat.


Dental technology


3M_rad2Our drive elements are used in mixers for the automated metering and blending of paste-like substances. In relation to their size, the drives in such applications have to apply enormous constant axial pressure on the cartridges.

Drive parts for medical devices


Antriebsteil_MedizinEvery day, individual parts and drive elements mounted in a wide range of devices and pieces of equipment render their vital service to patients – whether during a preventive exam, in the operating room or in the rehabilitation clinic.

Stair lift


Antrieb_Thyssen_TreppenliftThe stair lift drive includes three individual drives: the main drive for the up and downstairs movement, the seat rotation drive and the inclination correction drive. In this application, the plastic components support the drive and, together with the position compensation, provide the basis for guiding the stair lift safely and reliably. Especially for this application, highest priority is given to the operating safety, smooth running and solid technology features.

Infusion technology


AntriebselementIn portable automatic infusion systems, for example, various drive elements ensure fail-safe and accurate dosage. In addition, we manufacture various housing sections for which the sterility requirements place high demands on the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the outer contour.

Electrical pipette

Elektrische Pipette

Pipette_elektrischIn the electrical pipette, the dosing quantity of the liquid is controlled by means of a miniature bevel gear set coupled with a planetary stage. This allows dosing automatically the required quantity of liquid with this hand-held device. Simply pressing a button will then release this quantity. The electrical pipette is used in research institutes and laboratories.