• Product development
  • Material selection
  • Gear optimization
  • Proper configuration for the type of plastic
  • Precision assembly with tests / test marks

Our customers trust F. Morat not only with individual parts, but also with complete components, including everything up to ready-to-sell complete drives.
The great advantage this provides is that even in individual part design, a decisive impact on assembly and the complete drive can be gained. After all, the optimal interaction of all components is guaranteed only if one component fits the other perfectly. Conversely, all of our individual parts benefit from background knowledge gained from the complete components — as all of our products interact constantly with other components. Therefore, we incorporate knowledge from component manufacturing into the design and optimization of individual parts.

The most varied components and variants are produced on flexible assembly workstations that are set up according to the latest ergonomic and economic insights.
This ensures precision assembly that is safe and reliable while still being flexible. The result is technically and economically optimized units that can proudly bear the quality seal “Made in Germany.”

As varied as the products are, the variety of assembly and test concepts we develop — always in direct coordination with our customers — is equally wide.
From ultrasonic welding, gluing or riveting, whether force, current or position measurement: custom drives call for customized solutions. This is what the F. Morat name stands for – your custom-tailored solution.

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