Plastic gear parts

  • All gear types
  • Spur / helical gearing
  • 0.2 to 4 modulus
  • PEEK™ material

With 60 years of experience in manufacturing the most varied gearing parts, F. Morat is one of the pioneers of precision plastic injection molding. We know the benefits and particular characteristics each type of gearing provides and thus can find the right solution for each application. Optimizing the gearing geometry gives our products an additional advantage that helps our customers be competitive on the world stage.

In the production of technical injection molded parts, we process all thermoplastics, such as POM, PA6/66, PA11/12, PA 4.6, PBT, PC, PEI, PPA, PPE, PPS or PFA and utilize their specific properties in the best possible way. F. Morat is among the few manufacturers that also process various filler and reinforcement materials as well as high temperature-resistant PEEK™ plastic. This material is preferred when high mechanical and thermal load capacities as well as chemical and hydrolysis resistance are required.

In the past 30 years, we have built up an immense treasure trove of experience in this area. Making use of the immense strength of PEEK™ material is possible only by observing the tightest process windows and optimal mold designs for precision plastic injection molded parts. Our mastery over such a wide range of materials ensures that the most suitable material is used in every situation.

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