Plastic / metal connection application examples

Plastic/metal connections are preferred when the components have to withstand high loads and when weight reduction or quiet running is required at the same time. The small parts from F. Morat achieve great things every day, whether in the electric motors on e-bikes, in mobile automatic infusion systems or in actuators for transformer stations.

Document shredder


Zahnrad Einleger AktenvernichterUsed as drives for the cutters in a wide variety of shredders, our gears are loaded up to the limit, especially if they get blocked. These drives also feature an outstanding smooth operation thanks to their high toothing quality.

Spur gear stage for E-Bikes


e-bike RadsatzThe advantages of pairing metal and plastic can be seen in this application. The high-precision spur gear stage for E-bike motors consists of a metal helical rotor shaft and a plastic gear. This gear stage ensures savings in weight as well as smooth operation and a long service life thanks to the Made in Germany quality.

Infusion technology


AntriebselementIn portable automatic infusion systems, for example, various drive elements ensure fail-safe and accurate dosage. In addition, we manufacture various housing sections for which the sterility requirements place high demands on the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the outer contour.

Transformer station actuator


SchrittschalternockeWithout the consumer noticing, our gears regulate the voltage in the supply network. Depending on the specific demand, we thus discreetly ensure a consistently high supply quality for many years.

Automatic start-stop systems


F. Morat is manufacturing four plastic components for Bosch’s “Starter Motors and generators” division, also including the installation of the sintered bushings. They are used in various combinations in starters with integrated start-stop technology. In real city traffic, the fuel consumption and the CO2 emission can be reduced by up to 15%.

Stair lift


The stair lift drive includes three individual drives: the main drive for the up and downstairs movement, the seat rotation drive and the inclination correction drive. In this application, the plastic components  support the drive and, together with the position compensation, provide the basis for guiding the stair lift safely and reliably. Especially for this application, highest priority is given to the operating safety, smooth running and solid technology features.

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