Technical part application examples

Technical housing parts with complex geometries and miniature bearings from F. Morat frequently assume a decisive role in driving comfort. From the power windows to the seat adjustment and auxiliary heaters—everything has to function at the push of a button and virtually inaudibly. Whenever a tailgate closes smoothly and quietly, sunshades open or close automatically, seat belts are conveniently moved into place or a mirror folds down reliably, parts from F. Morat are usually hard at work.

Comfort drives


Our technical parts are used in many various comfort drive types. So, among others, housing elements are used for seat adjustment or for power window drives.

Liftgate drive


This drive is located near the liftgate hinge. The drive components are used for automatic opening and closing the liftgate. They show complex geometric shapes and high wall thicknesses, as the liftgate exerts huge lever forces on the drive unit, and therefore also on the housing.

Table height adjustment


In lifting drive units, accurate toothed elements convert the rotary speed and torque of the motor into comfortable working positions.

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