Framo Morat at SPS 2023: Innovative Drive Solutions for the Automation Industry



Framo Morat will be appearing again at Booth 350 in Hall 1 when the Who’s Who of the automation industry gather in Nuremberg on November 14–16, 2023. The 32nd annual SPS – Smart Production Solutions trade show will be held in 16 exhibition halls with around 120,000 m² of exhibition space and more than 1,200 exhibitors expected from all around the world.

Visit our booth and experience the highly integrated wheel hub drive, which combines a PUR wheel, a high-precision planetary gear, a powerful BLDC motor, a holding brake, and the electronics in one all-inclusive solution. The drive meets the demanding requirements of intralogistics and many other industries. One example can be seen in the CR700 cleaning robot from Adlatus, which we will be presenting live at our trade show booth.

We also have news about our specially developed speeroX gear technology. In addition to a selection of gear sets of different sizes with application-specific design priorities, we will present the extended performance range in the form of gear models that showcase the advantages of speeroX over conventional gear variants in terms of installation space, efficiency, noise emissions, and service life.

Framo Morat: Your Development Partner for Drive Technology for the Past 111 Years

You can also learn more about our extensive development expertise, which we have developed by implementing many customer projects and which we incorporate into the entire process, from specification to the final application. As the perfect example of a success story spanning many years, we will have the drive system for curved stair lifts with us for you to experience. We have successfully developed this solution from generation to generation together with our customer TK Home Solutions B.V. and are already producing a fourth version.

As part of our exhibit at the SPS trade show, we will be presenting these and many other metal and/or plastic drive innovations, ranging from gear wheels and planetary gears to worm gears and complete gear motors. They are used in numerous industries, including automation, intralogistics, medical technology, rehabilitation technology, food technology, renewable energy technology, and many more.

That’s not all, though: To help celebrate our 111th anniversary, join us on a short journey through our company’s history. In our interactive anniversary competition, you’ll get interesting insights into important milestones in the development of the Franz Morat Group through selected innovative drive solutions. The main prize will be two VIP tickets to the SC Freiburg home game against 1. FC Köln (December 15–17, 2023).

Have we sparked your interest? Our trade show team is already looking forward to seeing you at our booth at the trade show in Hall 1, Booth 350 and to interesting conversations over a good cup of coffee. Please make your personal appointment in advance via the following link: Appointment for sps – F-Morat – Plastics at their best

h the commissioning of the new solar park, the Franz Morat Group is taking an important step towards sustainability. The ground-mounted PV system at the Eisenbach headquarters is not only a milestone for the company, but also an enrichment for the community of Eisenbach and the region.

With the opening of the solar park, the Franz Mort Group is demonstrating that green energy is an important part of sustainable business. The photovoltaic system, which was installed at the headquarters in Eisenbach in the south of the company premises, enables the Group to produce around 10% of the electricity consumed at its headquarters itself. The solar park, which was built on a former parking lot of the Franz Morat Group, covers a total area of around 9,000 m². With 1,538 PV modules, it has an installed capacity of 1,000 kWp.

Two and a half years passed between the initial rough planning in April 2021 and the inauguration in November 2023, during which the application for a preliminary building permit, the presentation to the Eisenbach municipal council, the granting of the preliminary building permit in March 2022 and the granting of the building permit in June 2023 were important milestones. In total, just 21 calendar weeks passed between the building permit and the opening of the photovoltaic park. In addition to the usual regulatory criteria, particular attention was paid to the statics of the system in order to meet the special weather conditions of the site, which is located 1,000 meters above sea level. With an additional 700 kilos of load-bearing capacity per square meter, the altitude and a total area of around 9,000 m², the solar park is unique in the region.

For the Franz Morat Group, the solar park is an important step towards the future in many aspects. On the one hand, sustainability is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy of the internationally active group of companies. At the same time, the plant provides a degree of independence from energy companies. The region also benefits from solar energy “Made in Eisenbach”, as surplus electricity is fed into the local grid, especially at weekends. In addition, the solar park shows that sustainable, regional and responsible management is especially one thing: feasible.