F. Morat is a “Preferred Supplier” of Bosch

F. Morat & Co. GmbH is proud to have been named a “Preferred Supplier” by Bosch, a global player, in its “Mobility Solutions” business area. As part of its supplier management program, Bosch annually grants this title to its most reliable and innovative vendors to honor their long-term business relationships and joint international growth. Quality, delivery performance, adherence to deadlines and cooperation as partners are ranked among the most important criteria when deciding who is selected as a “Preferred Supplier.” 

Bosch and F. Morat, two companies of long-standing tradition, are able to look back at a history of nearly 40 years of shared success. In 1983, production of the first plastic injection molding components for the automotive industry was launched at the headquarters of F. Morat. Ever since, the business relationship has been expanded steadily. By now, the range of parts comprises about sixty articles including gears, gear housings, gearbox lids as well as mushroom-type thrust heads and washers.

In addition to gears for height-adjustable desks, F. Morat has been producing automotive components for Bosch, the largest automotive supplier in the world. These components are mostly used in convenience drives in cars, for example in actuators for seat adjustment, in power windows or for the automatic opening and closing of tailgates. Starting in 2021, battery covers for electromobility will be added to the product range.

The parts produced in Eisenbach, Germany are shipped to international production locations of Bosch on various continents for further processing. To further increase proximity to its customers, F. Morat has been operating a production plant in Lerma, Mexico, since 2015. About twenty different articles are manufactured there. Back in 2018, the emerging company of F. Morat México received the prize of “Notified Supplier of the Year” – a prize that Bosch awards every other year to honor the performance of its best new vendors. In 2019, F. Morat México was also named “Preferred Supplier.”